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DENSO BHT-1300 Series Handy Terminal

Original price $1,943.30 - Original price $2,232.10
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$1,943.30 - $2,232.10
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Ultimate usability realised in these models. 2D Area Imager scanning. Options for Windows Compact Edition 7 and Denso BHT-OS. Round-the-clock use of the model, which is compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n. An Amazing 360° reading capability. Robust durability ensures accurate use in tough work environments. Use is retail, wholesale, distribution, manufacturing field. It can be held comfortably, and its aesthetics enable it to fit in anywhere with style.

Compact, but easy to use

  • Each model’s body is more than 15% thinner, lighter and smaller
  • Design was sought for functional beauty that also allows comfortable operation despite size constraints
  • Dome-shaped keys are used, which can be operated easily by workers wearing work gloves.

Intuitive operation with touch panel

  • A convenient touch panel allows intuitive operation.

Solid and robust to protect both hardware and data

  • Built-in toughness that endures droppings from 2 m height and operates in minus 20° to 50°C temperature range.
  • For Windows-OS model, data on terminals can be backed up with BHT Backup.

Remote desktop/web browser reduces development man-hours.

  • Newly incorporated “remote desktop plug-in” and “web browser plug-in” enable thin client implementation with lower development costs.

Distinctive displays even in bright sunlight

  • A high-visibility LCD, High-Bright Display, is used.
  • A wide viewing angle, and therefore, enhanced visibility from oblique angles is realized.

Capability to read codes from any angle of 360° makes for quick reading.

  • Smooth 360° reading is realized using the latest algorithms.
  • Compared to barcode models, working time with the model can be reduced up to 30%.

Comprehensive support system available anywhere in the world.

  • The model can be used in more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • Supports multi-language display. For Windows-OS, fonts for more than 40 countries are supported.

Quick wireless cloning

  • Copies of another terminal can be made quickly.
  • Each terminal can be set up wirelessly without using a PC.

Long operation possible even when the unit is kept online

  • Proprietary power-saving design allowing a 27-hour consecutive operation, the longest in its class.

3-year warranty allows customer’s long use with peace of mind.

  • Customers who register on Denso Wave’s website are offered a 3-year warranty.