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DENSO AT20 Scanners

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$212.20 - $668.20
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With the inclusion of Advanced Scan Plus, an evolutionary advancement in scanning technology, the AT20 Series has achieved twice the scanning speed of earlier models, bringing improvements to work efficiency when performing inspections and other continuous barcode-scanning tasks.

The AT20 Series enables super-deep-field scanning compatible with a variety of tasks, from close-up scanning to distant scanning, making it possible to perform smooth scanning regardless of the scanner’s position.

The AT21B, AT20Q & AT21Q Scanners are compatible with such wide barcodes as ITF-14, GS1-128 (EAN-128) codes used for public utility bills and medical bills, and Code 39 on EIAJ labels. The AT20Q & AT21Q 2D Scanners are compatible with all 2D codes (QR Code, Micro QR Code, SQRC, iQR, DataMatrix(ECC200), PDF417, MicroPDF417, Maxi code, Aztec, GS1 DataBar Composite(EAN.UCC Composite), including the SQRC (Secure QR Code) which is a QR Code that has data reading restrictions. It can be used for managing private information and a company’s internal information. Also iQR which can hold a greater amount of information than the traditional QR Code. An iQR Code of the same size as an existing QR Code can hold 80% more information than the latter. If the same amount is stored, an iQR Code can be made 30% smaller.

Developing the latest algorithms has made it possible to further improve the scanning of blurred, bleeding, void, and other troublesome barcodes.

A barcode scanner that is thoroughly committed to being small, lightweight, and easy to operate. Ideal for tasks at distribution centers, medical workplaces, electronics factories, and more.

Scanning Performance

High-speed shutter and readability from any direction (360 degree)

You can improve your work efficiency by the high-speed shutter that enables operation not affected by camera shake, and readability from any direction.

Multi-row barcodes can be read at one time.

The scanner can read two-row barcodes of books and up to three-row other barcodes. Decrease in the reading frequency can lead to drastic reduction in working hours.

Wide-angle scanning, improved readability

The number of horizontal pixels is increased and reading algorithms improved. Readability for wide barcodes used for public utility bills, medical bills, etc. is improved.

Improved resolution useful for various businesses

The newly developed reading engine enabled 0.125 mm resolution for 1D barcodes and 0.167 mm for 2D barcodes. The scanner can be used for a wide range of businesses such as operations of plants, hospitals and shops

Useful Functions

Possible to read barcodes on mobile phone LCD screen

The newly developed unique LED illumination control function is incorporated in the scanner to suppress specular reflection. The device can quickly read barcodes on mobile phone LCD screens.


By using antibacterial and weather-resistant materials for the main unit, propagation of unwanted bacteria and discoloration are prevented. This product can be used with peace of mind in the fields of medicine and food.

Eye-friendly LED marker

In addition to the laser guide marker-type model, which is already on the market, the LED marker-type model that indicates the scanning area has been released. The scanner considers the safety of eyes, ideal for the use in service industries such as supermarkets.

Easy-to-use image capture function

The scanner can read not only barcodes but also take pictures. The device enables you to easily read even small characters. This function is useful particularly for logistics and transportation industries dealing with bills.